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We are still actively developing it's features and functionality.

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The Orange Connection, LLC is anticipating rapid growth following our development and pre-release phases. In addition to My Orange Connection, we have several additional products in the works. To make it all happen will require a persistently growing team. All applications are processed through our parent Company, Raidian Global, Inc. Because of this, your application may be redirected to another company operation that may be more suitable as we require many different skill sets.

If you are looking to find a home in a rapid growth company with a chance to show your untapped potential, we want to talk with you. Even if we do not have a current opening for you, if your application is on file and you meet our criteria, you will be placed on our call list.

Employment opportunities will exist in varying degrees and time frames. While some positions may take more time to develop, others will possibly be explosive. Some positions will be shared between projects in an exciting, fast moving environment. Compensation will be determined individually by experience, responsibilities and performance.

Verifiable experience in the job you apply for along with verifiable computer skills, communication skills, reliability and ability to function well in a team unit are required. Additionally, all applicants will be required to pass a background check. When you attach your resume, please also include a brief cover letter explain why you want to work with us. Also, to make sure we are able to consider you for employment, please attach a separate sheet with at least five current, non-related references that we may call. Resume, Cover Letter and all attachments must be submitted as a US Letter Size MS Word .doc or a PDF.

Current potential positions are listed below in order of their anticipated need for fulfilment. Part-time or contract positions may eventually have the option for full-time employment. Verified Military Veterans with appropriate skill sets are especially desirable.

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